Twin Graves – No Future


Have… Have I finally done it? Is my time machine taking me back to the 80s finally working?

Oh. This is just an 80s sounding song? In retrospect, I feel I probably should have come to that conclusion much sooner than thinking that my idea for time travelling headphones (patent pending) had finally paid off after several hours and thousands of pounds in development costs.

Never mind, I suppose I can stomach the 10s (assuming that's what we're calling this decade? I mean, why would we break the mould?) if there are still people out their playing music like this. When I chanced upon Twin Graves in person they had the balls to bring a large neon sign on stage with them. NEON! These guys know what they're doing, you wouldn't get Coldplay doing something that cool and yet they're paid in the millions. Surely their budget can stretch to a fancy neon sign with the band name, or another word beginning with C, lighting up the stage from the back.

'No Future' may seem like a pretty doomsday-esque message though the song feels like there's life in the old world yet. The female vocals are delightful and the synth and guitar lines make for some top quality listening. I'll give this a few more spins before I get back to the time travel tech.

Find out more about Twin Graves here.