Single Review: Youandewan Ep


I used to go to a night called 'Acid Bath'. It ws in the 414 on Cold Harbour Lane, which any passing tramp can tell you was THE home of Acid Techno in the 90s. The promoters of Acid Bath would physically staple sheets of lunatic strength acid  to the walls of the club for punters to help themself to – this is the kind of gesture haggard old ravers like myself talk about when we go on about the GOOD OLD DAYS. Imagine how much better the O2 would be if they did the same thing. You'd have shirty TOWIE clones from Beckenham trying to lick the whites out of their eyeballs whilst their girlfriends attempted to climb into the glowing fun palace lurking just behind their iPhone screens. A few hours in, and everyone would realise that we're all made of the same sparkling atomic dust, and there'd be a big group hug/ screaming freak out. I feel there's a reality show pitch in there somewhere. They could play this new one from Youandewan as the theme tune,cos it's mix of deep house and acid squelches pretty much nails the vibe I'm going for.

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