Single Review: Deetron Ft Seth Troxler – Love Song (Steve Bug Mix)


'Love Song', the sleazy team up between Deetron and Seth Troxler, has been doing the rounds for nearly a year. Now, prior to the singles official release, Steve Bug has stepped up to offer a classic jacking techno mix, situating Troxler's grubby vocals front and centre, throwing down some classic synth lines, and coming up trumps. The end result sounds like it's drawn from the imagined heart of a classic Ron Hardy set, and Bug delivers everything house music thrives on – sex, bass, melody and drive. In the hands of a less convincing perve, Troxler's lyrics would collapse as ridiculous. Here they're delivered with the conviction of a true believer. He even sneaks in a couple of minor sex yowls without completely ballsing the track up, and who – other than Prince – can do that huh? Full marks all round. Go and buy this, I very much want to hear it in the next disco I step into.

Out now on 12" – grab a copy here