Review: Telfort – Lickety Split / Snaps


Edinburgh based producer Telfort returns – following his self-released debut record ‘In A Good Place’ last year – with a new limited press and hand stamped two-track EP. 

The A-side ‘Lickety Split’ is a confident, dance-floor ready house track from Telfort, opening with subtle and smooth waves that swell into a deep and colourful sound. The song builds up and unfolds leisurely and twinkles with vitality, punchy syncopated pads and a vibrant stream of crystalline percussion and shimmering strings effortlessly swirling in and out of the sound. Once the spiralling baseline hits you with its stomping rhythm, you know you’re going to be in this ’til the end. Telfort has captured a soulful and evocative sound to serve as your soundtrack to dreaming away those hedonistic summer nights, sunsets and heartaches. 

The dusty B-side ‘Snaps’ is more delicate and introspective. The track also starts with a bright and melodious cascade of gentle chords, before glimmering hi-hats and a pulsating 4×4 baseline join in and drives the song out towards its subtle ending. Again, a warm and open sound flows dreamily along but this one is tinged with an elusive, almost imperceptibly melancholy feeling. 

You can pre-order Lickety Split/ Snaps now HERE

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