Review: Max Graef & Glenn Astro Collab


Max Graef and Glenn Astro are set to release their first EP with Ninja Tune on the 14th of this month after having been long-term collaborators and along with Delphonic, proud creators of the ‘Money $ex Records’ label which they usually release music on. 

The EP, called ‘Magic Johnson’ features it’s title track as the A-side with the B-side named ‘Tape Johnson’. 

Magic Johnson is the kind of jazz infused track we’ve come to expect from the two, with it’s soft keys and bass kick underpinning various drum and synth solos sprawling over the top. 


In contrast Tape Johnson; my favourite of the two, has an opening two and a half minutes that’s closer to minimal techno than anything else, starting with a low hum and muffled bass kick that sounds like its coming from the noisy neighbor next door. After a sparse drum breakdown the tune then opens up into a dreamier sounding track with lovely synths drifting over it till the end. 


A strong first UK based release from the two ahead of their Clock Strikes 13 show with Romare at Corsica Studios this Saturday, and off the back of this EP a show not to be missed. 

Pre-Order the EP HERE. Catch the show at CS13 HERE