Review: Leo Abrahams – Chain


Have you ever thought about what it might be like to enter your synthesisers? I'm not talking about in a Prime Minister/pig way, rather more something along the lines of Tron but without the needless added element of there being a plot. More like Tron: Legacy then. But wouldn't it be just so wonderful to dive head-first into the devices that have provided our ears with so much joy over the years?

Though that's something very unlikely to happen, unless someone sorts a shrink ray sharpish, I imagine that these sounds from Leo Abrahams are quite a lot like those that you would expect to hear as you fall aimlessly through the world of waves, MIDI presets and the like. There's plenty of chaos as several sounds appear to be cutting it fine to reach their note in time but as each of them rushes past you it's clear that everything is under control and this is quite simply a way of life in which no-one ever needs to be even a fraction of a second early – everything comes in right on time.

Why would you want anything else? Our world already seems to be on a collision course with machine overlords so perhaps it's time we entered their world instead. It goes without saying that the voice at the heart of this electronic wonderland is that of Brian Eno, who else? Leo Abrahams definitely seems to have got his head right inside the machines to produce this beauty and he's been ever-so-kind to give the rest of us a wee glimpse into the world of the machines.

I'll stick to the safety and security of the UK though, for now.

Daylight is out on 2nd October via Lo Recordings.