Legowelt – Anaconda Flow Ep


Ninja Tune is a classic label. Since its inception in 1991 it has continually put out strong release after strong release. Due to changes in music not all of this music fitted in with Ninja’s original ethos; so sub-labels were created. One of the more recent additions of these sub-labels is Technicolour. Employing a more left-field aesthetic, Technicolour has released ten EPs that cater to those who enjoy the small room in clubs since 2012. Their tenth release is by Dutch producer Danny Wolfers, AKA Legowelt – his first for the label.

Wolfers describes his music as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto techno funk and Euro Horror Soundtrack". While this might seem slightly abstract, it makes sense when you listen to Anaconda Flow. Opening track 'Evaporate with Me 2 Infinity' starts with a hard repetitive beat. After a few bars, a keyboard riff enters the mix and starts to take the hard edge off the beat. Then, a heavy bass kicks in and through clever production, and mixing, the track goes through cycles and phrases – some lyrical and playful, others just hard and heavy – until it ends six minutes later. 'Evaporate with Me 2 Infinity' isn't just a great opening track, but a statement of intent. It says “This EP is hard, repetitive, but there is an element of playfulness to it”. Title track 'Anaconda Flow' carries on from where 'Evaporate with Me 2 Infinity' left off. While not being as hard-hitting, the interplay between synth and beat is exquisite and dreamlike at times. 'Never Not U Know' carries on in this vein but is faster. The intro synth envelopes you like a mist before the beat pierces it and sets you on your way. Final track 'Eternal Flux' is not just a perfect closer to this EP but the stand out track as well. It contains a bass that is nigh on impossible not to hum along with.

With Anaconda Flow, Wolfers has successfully made an EP that caters to fans of European house but with enough quirkiness and invention to keep the left-field fans happy. Never an easy feat! As his Twitter handle says, he is a Renegade of the New Age and, after hearing this EP, you can’t help but agree with him.