Fernando Lagreca – Control


Uruguayan electronica artist Fernando Lagreca has been making waves in his adopted Barcelona base with doom tinged electronic pop 2002. “Control”, his recently released third album is his most direct, it has the dancefloor in mind, but fuses this with a desire to reach for the heart, its synthesized emotion masquerades under the guise of pop.

Vocals are apparent throughout, but with the propulsive beat leading things on, the voice acts mainly as another strand of instrumentation, reminiscent of the vague vocal stylings of shoegaze, alongside the dreamy pop of Air.

Atmospheric electronica is evident throughout. “Over” 's uneasy glitch and new wave synths conjures up a modern retake of Visage' s “Fade To Grey”, “Loved” and “Way of Control” are big slices of synth pop with a nod to Neil Tennant’s air or resigned lethargy, whilst Quiet Lake gives Keep Shelley in Athens a run for their money in the moody Med – pop stakes. The centrepiece is “Run” which begins with a John Carpenter influenced intro before the beat kicks the track into euphoric Balaerica.

Fan of the slow build of Caribou? Love the hazed up cinematic drama of Chromatics? You’ll find much to love here too.

You can check out a mixtape from Fernando Lagreca right here;


01. keaton henson  – elevator song (ulrich schnauss remix)
02. demure for sure – hollywood
03. morgan visconti – the glass
04. bobby tank – learn from you
05. kid astray – talking you with me (alizzz remix)
06. daniel van lyon – mystical child
07. gullen – trespassers
08. basic nexus – deeper
09. digitalis – unikat
10. trickski – finale
11. affkt – lost in process feat. thomas gandey
12. dosem – lost taxi