Abstraxion – I Can’t


I often wonder what my musical path would have been had I been drawn to the synth instead of indulging myself in rip-roaring guitars and finding myself most at home with my arms wrapped around a bass, channelling what I believe young people are calling 'the funk'. Sure, I've dabbled with the odd electronic instrument here and there but frankly I've always preferred the feeling of something natural held up against my body.

I'm still talking about music, honest.

These sounds from Abstraxion are pretty soothing to my ears – there's a slow build that feels incredibly natural and there's no real rush, making this title track a pleasant listening experience. It's even encouraging me to have a wee play with some of the illustrious gear we have in the office. Alright, I spent my morning messing around with Logic, are you happy now? In places there are a few turn-offs for me as I wander past a couple of clichés for this sort of sound but in all honesty I do like the familiar warmth that the music exudes and I found myself on multiple occassions becoming transfixed by the sound, leading to a slight slip in my ability to drink water without spilling it down my front.

'Never Thought' sounds as though it has captured the essence of the 1980s in a jar and is slowly letting the aura seep into the music, infusing old school sounds with the technology of today. Not that I really know what I'm talking about, having been born in 1992, but I've a fondness for the 80s which regularly irritates those poor people around me in the office. You can never listen to 'Safety Dance' too many times, right?

Not generally my kind of thing this but it was a rather pleasant listen and I'm quite happy to give it my seal of approval, though I doubt that means too much in this musical realm. Definitely worth a listen, plus the remixes of 'Around Me' from Falmont and My Favorite Robot are pretty tidy. Go on, chuck this into your ears and see what sticks.