Video Premiere: Lost Souls Of Saturn – Frequency Revelation


Above the stars a space craft lingered, watching the vast expanse of the universe below. Inside, the craft's pilots sat wide-eyed struggling to process the beauty of the atmosphere that surrounded them. The moon glowed brightly casting its celestial light over the night's canvas and the clusters of shooting stars that would cascade through the sky intermittently. The pilots were a world away from home and unsure of the pursuits that they were likely to encounter on their journey. Nobody had explained what their mission was. They were on a multidimensional trip set to take them on a course for the unknown.

Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa return to R&S records as Lost Souls Of Saturn for their debut full length album release. The Tuskgee label head and DJ and sound engineer began their multidisciplinary live project in 2017 debuting on R&S with a reinterpretation of Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila's 'Bint El Khandaq'. Their new self-titled LP draws influence from a wealth of different genres including music concrete, avant garde and sci-fi sound tracks, whilst attempting to push creative boundaries and explore the model of reality vs simulation. Troxler and Moffa seek to integrate music, storytelling and imagery into an inextricably linked whole.

Watch the official video for Frequency Revelation below which was created using video footage and photos shot entirely with a microscope…