Alternative rap duo GOMID release their debut EP ‘Seduction of a Hunter’


Manchester via London duo GOMID have released their debut EP, ‘Seduction of a Hunter’.

The meeting of minds of gothic vocalist Iyunoluwanimi Yemi-Shodimu and post-industrial electronic producer Samuel Francis Giles Scott, the group have crafted a singular transnational sound that takes inspiration from ‘Manchester’s uniquely industrial tensions and Pan African legacy’.

The EP takes its name from the first Yoruba novel ever written, “A Hunter in the forest of a thousand Daemons”, translated by Africa’s first Nobel Laurette Wole Soyinka.


Speaking of their sound and name, GOMID said: “We’ve taken the time to investigate the depths of our respective lineages in both sound and story, and so we have created a sort of speculative, primordial lens through which any environment, any idea, any texture, any feeling can be refracted and deformed through. This reality exists right alongside yours and we did not make it up from nothing, we are only humble guests. A GOMID is someone who exists in this world. With this lens, anyone can be a GOMID and can connect with an organism that is much older than yourself, one who hasn’t been taught love, sex, and joy in the same way you and so is a tad bit more, free.”

A chance meeting brought GOMID together and for the last year they’ve been honing their sound which draws on their formative influences in hip hop, techno, ambient electronica and folk. As well as hosting shows on NTS Radio and Steam Radio, the pair have played alongside the likes of Still House Plants and Mother Cell and headlined shows at Peckham Audio, Yes! and more.

Listen to the EP below.

Seduction of a Hunter is out now on Bandcamp.