Video Premiere: Kasper Bjørke – Zenith (Feat. Null & Void)


Deep in the distant night sky, the stars aligned and the resultant celestial forces awoke. The astronomers had predicted that this combination would never occur again, but this man had always decried them. As Polaris, Vega and Antares came into ascendence it was the first time viewed since the Bronze Age. His solitary work, high in his observatory had been rewarded, and his pronouncement would signify a new universal theory. If he shared his knowledge, but that was still to be decided.

Taken from his latest album 'Fountain Of Youth', Kasper Bjørke produces this stunning piece of electronica. A manipulated synth riff, righteous mallets, and some trick laden percussion have been accompanied by a mesmerising promo by Danish multi-artist Lotte Rose Kjaer Skau.

Kasper Bjørke – Fountain Of Youth is out 10th June 2016 and is available to buy HERE.

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