Premiere: Albino Sound – Squirt

TET001 F_Final

The Tokyo producer and sound designer makes a return to Turnend Tapes for a new EP.

The machine squirted a flurry of instructions as to where and what activities needed to be done, but it all happened so fast it was impossible to understand. There was too much information to take in, before the second direction was spat out, they’d barely had time to register the first. There seemed to be no way of extracting the instructions again, it was up to them to piece together the snippets they’d managed to catch, which would inevitably result in a ramshackle collection of unintelligible words and phrases.


At the end of 2020 Leeds-based label Turnend Tapes released a charitable compilation titled Da’aro Youth which raised money for the community-led organisation which supports young refugees from the Horn of Africa. One of the 13 artists who contributed to the release was Tokyo producer Albino Sound, who’s output explores the use of percussion and sound design to make crisp, intricate tracks that touch on UK bass and techno.

Now he returns for his first solo EP on the label, Metallurgy, which sees him dive further into these textural sonics, pairing metallic sounds and FX with meticulous drum programming and weighty bass frequencies to produce four club-orientated tracks.


Metallurgy is out soon on Turnend Tapes.