Video Premiere: Alec Empire – Victims Of Authority


Alec Empire is best known for his work with legendary digital hardcore outfit Atari Teenage Riot, but his most recent project is the soundtrack to a new German/French film Volt. The film depicts a near-future Germany where the borders have been closed and refugees are collected in camps, and violence spills over after a policeman accidentally kills a refugee.

German label Dependent has released Empire's soundtrack – digitally and on double 180gr vinyl. Empire says he was influenced by Escape from New York – specifically the way director/composer John Carpenter underlaid the film with specifically written sparsely orchestrated leitmotifs. Cut with footage from Volt, we're premiering a video for the track 'Victims of Authority', which you can check out below:

Then listen to this interview with Alec Empire:

Volt OST is out now on Dependent, buy it here.

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