Premiere: Zvrra – Inside

AVN043 Artwork

The Illinois-based multi-genre artist and video game developer debuts on Avian.

Fields stretched far over the horizon; for hours they’d seen no roads or signs of civilisation around them. The sun burned down on their backs, forcing them under the shade of the trees that lined the off road tracks guiding their journey. Suddenly ahead of them a solitary house came into vision, it had been so long it almost seemed like a mirage. But reaching the front door, the mood changed from hope to fear. To both, it felt familiar, as though they’d seen it in a dream. What lay inside? Who could exist here so away from everything?


Shifted’s Avian imprint has been an export for no-holds-barred techno for a decade now, putting out releases from the likes of SHXCXCHCXSH, Rhyw, Mannerfelt and Sigha. Next up they welcome Illinois-based multi-genre artist and video game developer Zvrra who follows several releases on Rare Type with a 9-track LP titled ‘Bizzaroland’. From cinematic drone and ominous atmospheres to techno experiments and introspective ambient, the album journeys through diverse shapes and forms, showcasing Zvrra’s versatility as a producer.