Premiere: Zodiac Childs – Breach


The anticipation was almost too much to handle as they neared the derelict industrial estate. They’d almost forgotten this feeling after so long out of the game, but though it should have felt somewhat alien, the emotions soon came flooding back as the soft thud of a kick drum echoed nearby. How they’d missed it; the sense of freedom these spaces gave them couldn’t be replicated. Nothing could come close.

Zodiac Childs return to their own Zodiac Wax imprint for their debut album ‘Atoms To Atoms’, which comes split across a three piece vinyl package. Like much of their previous work, this long player is a homage to the pair’s love of classic breaks and the UK’s hardcore legacy, representing the past, present and future of their sound. Employing analogue synthesis and hardware they play with emotion and energy to produce a collection of tracks that transport the listener through ‘the moods and feelings of a full night of rave experience’.