Premiere: Zarkoff – Endless


She stumbles around on hot fiery sands, slipping between the grains, impossible for her to find her balance, never mind a sense of direction. Now carelessly jumping about exhausted, along the never-ending planes of scorching sand. Her skin had taken the victim to the flaring sun, blazing in the scorching heat for hours. Now in panic mode, she is fighting for her life, she can’t admit it to herself yet but all the water’s gone. Gone hours ago. She’s dizzy and dehydrated, where is she? She has no idea.

Rome-based label Raw Culture are back with their long-awaited annual compilation, the fourth in their series RAW CULTURE’S PUSHERS. Described as their ‘NON-SUMMER COMPILATION – NON-REGGAETON SHIT’, it’s a story telling eighteen-tracker made up of ‘Pushers’ from all over the world ranging right across the board, touching on everything from mind-boggling ambient to devilish electro. Our pick is an aggressive yet harmonic EBM track by Zarkoff entitled ‘Endless’. One for the dance floor, it utilises raw tones and crunchy heavy-hitting drums machines, complemented perfectly by the soft synth lead.