Premiere: Yutie Lee – Chamomile Night (Alva Noto Remodel)


The flowers were in bloom, they blew softly in the warm evening breeze. The sun was setting and soon night would fall across the land. It was peaceful and quiet, the whisper of voices was all that could be heard as they sat and watched a small fire burn hazily. Shadows began to form in the distance as the overlooking trees unfolded their branches, lowering the bushy arms and falling asleep one by one. This was a chamomile night, the sky was pale and a low mist hung in the air. The countryside was alive beneath the black. 

Public Possession are set to release a new EP from Yutie Lee, an ode to flowers in beautifully simplistic song. They have also nominated a number of remixers to the project including Bell Towers, Alva Noto, Oceanic and more. 

Listen below: