Premiere: Your Planet Is Next – U.F.O.


There was a strange, mysterious object which floated in the dense night sky. It flashed an electric green, illuminous and weird amidst a backdrop of delicate stars. It left a lot to the imagination – what was inside? Who was in flight? Were these creatures from the great beyond? It had been a long time since they'd last seen a UFO around these parts, not since the hot and heavy summer nights of the sixties. Then again, who knew what they'd seen way back then in the days of old. It was but a blur to him, a psychedelic haven of rage and madness.

A little while back we featured a mix from the ever playful musician and producer Your Planet Is Next. A Scandinavian superhero of sorts who has come to save the day from snobby enthusiasts and those who take life too seriously. He appears on a new split EP for Warning Records with a track called "UFO". 

Listen below:

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