Premiere: Youkounkoun – Musique Du Texte


The night air was warm and sticky, she breathed deeply as a light breeze washed over her face. Walking the dusty winding streets, dulcet sounds echoed all around; beautiful intricate melodies that transported her to a different time and place. She was far away from home but she had no intention of returning anytime soon. Things were much more interesting here, you never knew what strange delights would greet you around each corner. 

Berlin-based producer Cosmo Vitelli presents the sixth release on Edit Service, the rework driven sub-label of his I'm A Cliche imprint. Indebted to breathing new life into forgotten tracks, the label has seen the likes of Rouge Mécanique, Red Axes and Ólta Karawane deliver their own fresh interpretations of everything from new wave and synth-pop to house, EBM and electro. Next up are Multi Culti and Edits du Plasir alumni Youkounkoun – a duo made up of Get A Room's Jeff Lasson and Gaëtan Rossi – who are no strangers to edit duties. For their mini-LP they explore kraut, post-punk and industrial, rearranging and transforming seven tracks that have never previously been edited.