Premiere: Henzo – Iron Lighter

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Henzo LRC

Off piste explorations in mutant bass from a Manchester based producer with a bright future on Left, Right & Centre.

Rising from beneath the murky swamp there was a sense of urgency and peril as the great, magnificent creature emerged and proceeded towards them. Here they were aboard their little boat, in the back end of nowhere and all alone.

The stars up above were all that they had to guide them away from this monster – afloat atop a dense sea of greasy black water and an endless expanse. He flicked his iron lighter softly hoping that it might illuminate the darkness before them and send the creature back to where it had came from. It was the only hope they had left, at least for now.


Left, Right & Centre showcase the music of a rising Manchester producer on a new EP destined to do damage to soundsystems in the clubs. This is a bass ready affair from one of the UK’s brightest prospects in leftfield dance and electronic music. Play this one loud.


The ‘Iron Lighter’ EP is out tomorrow.