Premiere: Yobkiss – Silence Arriving (featuring Yuko Araki)


The station was packed with people commuting to work; starting their day pushing through the chaos that welcomed them as they exited the train. The sounds were deafening, screams and incesssant chatter met the looping tannoy that resounded throughout the station. The big city came with its pros and its cons; it was somewhere they had to escape from time to time, otherwise it became too overwhelming. When they would take their leave and make their way out into the countryside, silence would arrive – there would be no more noise from here on out…

Described by the label as "an emotive journey", Medical Records' newest release comes from Dutch producer Yobkiss AKA Paul Börchers. Active for over a decade, Yobkiss' releases have graced imprints like Electronic Emergencies, Tegel and Macaroni Records and have now found their way to the Seattle-based label. Across his new LP he joins the dots between techno, electro and acid house, including the track we've nabbed; a collaboration with Yuko Araki on vocals.