Premiere: Will Lister – Disruption


There was a degree of chaos as passengers moved through the train station with hectic disarray. This was disruption at the very best of rush hour and it was as bad as it gets. He let out a sigh as he walked through the barrier and into the train station. He grabbed a sandwich to go and wandered aimlessly beneath the flickering glow of an orange billboard with flashing lights and numbers, It was as if he had landed in some strange parallel universe and the future had already begun. The people looked clueless, care free and sad. His own disruption was nothing compared to the mindless haze that was planet earth in the present. 

Will Lister features on a split EP for Cin Cin and he delivers two tracks in style. Melodic house with a punch, this track is a cut above the rest and the future looks very bright indeed for the up and coming producer. 

Listen below: