Premiere: West 2 West – Back 2 Earth


The rocket fell from the sky with a wicked force. Several second previously it had been sent skywards, ignited by the fuel and flames from beneath before detonating up high above the world below. A firework, a seasonal bomb. Now it was headed back to earth where it would crash prominently in the abyss beyond where it had first been sent from. It wouldn't make a sound as it landed, barely a thud. For something which had been once so powerful very little was left but for a bruised frame. 

John Daly is a many of many guises. This month marked the release of a new record on All City under the pseudonym of West 2 West. An outlet for several of the more obscure hip hop focussed tracks and beats recorded in the depths of the studio. Volume 1 is already out but in the coming weeks the second edition will be unveiled, we premiere a track from the forthcoming part below: 

Buy Volume 1 HERE. Buy Volume 2 HERE

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