Premiere: Fluke – Insanely Beautiful (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Uptown Mix)


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Fluke are back after I wouldn’t care to guess how long as it’s making me think how long I’ve been into all this doof doof.

In a place where the fluke doth fly,
Insanely beautiful, soaring high in the sky.
Along came the Hardway Bros, with a peculiar mix,
Meet Monkton Uptown, in a topsy-turvy fix.

The fluke did pirouette, with a giggle and a spin,
As the Bros danced around, with a mischievous grin.
Monkton Uptown watched, scratching his head,
Wondering if he should join, or just go back to bed.


But the mix was contagious, like a feverish dream,
So he joined in the frolic, with a whimsical gleam.
They danced and they twirled, in a nonsensical spree,
Underneath the moonlight, by the shimmering sea.

Oh, what a sight, so absurdly grand,
With the fluke as their partner, in a magical land.
For in nonsense and folly, true beauty does lie,
In the dance of the fluke, reaching for the sky.


From their white label days in the early 90s to chart-topping success and iconic remixes for artists like The Rolling Stones, Bjork, and New Order Fluke have been there done that!

Still, they step into a vibrant new era with their latest single, ‘Insanely Beautiful’. Up step Sean Johnston aka Hardway Bros and Duncan Gray aka Monkton Uptwon, offering a main vox mix and an alternate version featuring Leah Clever. ‘Insanely Beautiful’ “heralds the dawn of Firebird, a project brimming with collaborations and tracks set to unfold in the months ahead.  If you build it, they will come…”

Let’s get it on. Listen below: