Premiere: Wanderist – 9005


There were no indicators to reveal to him how high he’d been climbing. It felt like he was miles above the surface. Finally, the lift came to a stop. He was nauseated. The lift doors opened to display a long and wide metal surface that lay in front of him. Even though he’d been researching this world for years now, the architecture of the long-extinct inhabitants never ceased to amaze him. A thick mist weightlessly surrounded him as he moved towards the center of the platform. He reached out and placed his hand on the control module. There was a moment of silence and uncertainty before a rumbling, foreign spacecraft materialized right in front of him. 

Maarten Smeets, also known as one half of the prolific duo Detroit Swindle, has a new solo project on his hands. Assuming the alter-ego, Wanderist, he delivers his own abstract take on contemporary electronic music, with influences from dub, electro, techno and ambient. This first new release comes via AUSMUSIC, but he’s also started his own label, Transient Nature demonstrating there’s much to come from Wanderist.