Premiere: Void Complet – d’ACID (LDLDN Darkness Mix)

5 Minute Read
Artwork CHOBU005 Void Complet – TIOF02

Hard hitting Acid for dark, sweaty rooms.

The worlds collided in this room, the glitz and the glamour of the upper echelons were paired with the riff raff who made the city what it was beneath the surface. They all danced together, a blurry chaotic mess of flailing limbs and hyper bodies.

This is what this space was supposed to be, a place in which all things were available to all people.

As the music rumbled on and on, people came and went having found what they were looking for beneath the concrete abyss up above.

This was the escape room.


Void Complet is remixed on a killer package which features edits and versions from the likes of Kassian, Slow Assembly and The Northworks amongst others. LDLDN delivers a belter of a cut, an acid version for the freaks.

Listen below: