Premiere: Jeigo – Fig

5 Minute Read

Wobbly bass grooves for festival soundsystems.

The evening was closing in as the anticipation grew, they wandered amidst the crowds occasionally catching a glimpse of a familiar face or an old friend. It was going to be the longest of nights, the type where the sun might retire only to resurface and leave them basking in the glow of its warmth and the smiles of their crew.

This had been the talk of the town, the talk of the summer, the talk of the land.

Soon they would all become a faceless blur beneath the cloak of darkness, now they watched as their faces melted into the dying embers of the sunlight.


Jeigo amps up the pressure for the summer with a big, soundsystem ready track called ‘Fig’ which wouldn’t sound out of place on the biggest of stages. Rumbling bassy undertones with a dreamy ambience and fluttering vocals. Catchy and fun as you like.

Listen below: