Premiere: vince – namechanger (o-wells c++ ösen mix)


The office was busy and crowded, he felt as if everyone was looking at him, staring and watching his every move. Was it warm in here? Was he sweating? The nerves were starting to get to him as he paced edgily in the long queue. The bell rang and he walked slowly forwards, the pressure was rife. Soon he would be known as something else, a chance to become a wonderful new person with a wonderful new name. A namechanger, a shapeshifter and a fresh start. It was all he'd ever wanted. 

RFR Records have announced the release of a dynamic remix package in what is the second edition of the 'Bavarian Stallions Remix Series'. It features alternate versions from Hrdvision, Joannes and Rydim. Our favourite however, comes in the form of a reimagined version from Orson Wells. 

Listen below: