Premiere: UVB76 – Gauze


The light was faint as he looked down the tunnel into the abyss. He could only see flickering shadows and the odd shimmer of a torch in the distance as he walked slowly forwards towards the end. Life had been a blast but now it was time for something else, a new beginning in which he would seek new friends, new experiences and new freedom from the comfort of the darkness and the great beyond. Who knew what kind of fresh faced fun lurked down below…

Parisians Gaëtan Bizien and Tioma Tchoulanov are UVB76 on a new EP for the ever menacing record label RUBBER from The Hague. It’s brutal, odd and weird, just as we like it. The imprint describes the new EP as follows:

“Re-thinking industrial reductionism, the duo presents us an experimental signature of clattering tones, field-recordings, and rapidly fluctuating effects. Breakneck rhythms in an ever-shifting dream phase—this is musique concrète at full speed.”

Listen below: