Premiere: Urulu – The Nautilus


The realms of the deepest ocean lay home to a world of colour and mythical creatures. Under the depths of the murky waters was a whole new world, one which had not been ruined by the toxic poison of man and his bitter talons. Creatures were free to float and drift day by day along the worldly current which could see them travel millions of miles. No two days were the same despite the fact that the dense blue remained an ominous presence at all times. The ocean was home. 

Urulu is set to release a new EP on Amadeus Records, a hotly tipped assortment of music. The label has previously been a home to the likes of Chaos In The CBD, Cromie and DFRNT as well as having released earlier music from Urulu. His last appearance on the label was back in 2012. Listen to his latest offering: 

Buy the release HERE

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