Premiere: unperson – Plastic Fantasies


They were distant dreams of far away places and faces. Plastic fantasies which ran wild upon a sea of bittersweet imagination. Dancing between the stars he watched as people moved curiously without the restraint of gravity and hinderance. They contorted in wild, wonderful ways, their limbs free to express themselves exactly as they pleased and how god had intended. Bendy people dancing upon a milky way of stars and planets in the deep outer reaches of space. It was all but a dream, a strange curiosity in the dead of night whilst the world was fast asleep far below. Sleep on. 

unperson has curated a new compilation set for release by 1020, a radio station based in Bristol. The compilation is in support of Bristol City Centre hospitals during the coronavirues pandemic. Unperson has amassed support from an acclaimed array of dj's and this track is likely to receive the same. 

Listen below:

The release is available from tomorrow.