Premiere: Turk Turkleton – Offenbachs Father

Written by Reid Barton-Golden

DJ Whipr Snipr’s Nerang Recordings celebrate five years with a second Freaky Friends compilation.

He felt the insides of his esophagus grind together like sandpaper as he tried to swallow. His voice, one that would cut through the air like an arrow, had been eroded down to a barely intelligible croak. Blotches of gravelly blood replaced his footprints. It was hot. The horizon line swirled with the rising heat. The pale sky danced with sand, and after gazing deep into this whirlwind of colors, he could make out the silhouette of a woman, slowly moving towards him. Was it a mirage? “Water,” he begged. A droplet fell upon his brow.


To celebrate five years of Nerang Recordings, the Queensland, Australia label, headed up by DJ Whipr Snipr, is releasing the second-ever Freaky Friends compilation. This upcoming V/A features six club-focused, high-energy tunes from the likes of DJ Swagger, Low Tape, Ole Mic Odd, Nasty King Kurl, Turk Turkelton, and a collaboration from Nørsus & the label boss himself.