Premiere: LUCRETIO – Nothuman


A second batch of tracks showcasing the sound of Brenta in North Italy.

Amidst the shadows a strange creature lurked; it was most at home in the darkness, away from prying eyes. It had been driven out of the community and ostracised from the rest of human life; people preferred not to engage with something altogether different to them, they had no interest in understanding the why’s and how’s. Maybe it was not human, but it was still deserved of respect and dignity.


In 2013 a group of friends from the Brenta region in North Italy introduced us to a new sound. The Sound of Brenta is driven by a passion for forgotten hardware and the belief that gear limitations encourage the artist to get the best out of what they have available to them. The first compilation came via Muscle Records and now, nine years later, we’re treated to round two, coming out on Perty Records. Featuring music from the core crew members, Lucretio, Marieu, Steve Murphy, Dj Octopus and Sagats, the release is made up of machine-driven techno, electro and breaks.


The Sound of Brenta Part 2 will be released on 21st February digitally and as a limited run of 50 cassettes.