Premiere: Tulioxi – I Banged My Head Three Times


Eye sight blurred, head spinning; he dropped to the floor with outstretched hands. Fumbling around on the floor he struggled to pick himself up, grasping at unknown objects to help him find a way to his feet. On standing he noticed a large lump forming on the top his head, which began to throb ferociously as he steadied himself. But how this had come to be here, he didn’t know. In fact, he couldn’t remember anything… 

Slow Motion records launch into 2021 with a debut EP from Florence renaissance man Tulioxi, who continues to fly the label’s flag for Italian Dance Wave. The five original tracks on The Japanese Message are a nod to the vintage sounds of Europe but brought into the present — hypnotic machine-funk and furious drumwork are matched with high energy basslines and video-age melodies, which get reimagined by Altieri and Armonics on the flip.