Premiere: Tom Dicicco – Mango Mathematics


The strategic logistics of their movement through the forest would need to be plotted with delicate intricacy. These would be the tactics which would say their life as they encountered the wilderness and tropics amidst the unknown. Mango mathematics would be required to solve pine tree problems, who knew that there could be such trouble in paradise? Not him, her, or the creatures of the jungle floor. 

This month will see the release of a new release from Banlieue Records. A Berlin based record label which has previously released music from the likes of Dj Overdoes and Benoit B. Their latest release is a split EP titled 'Local Business' and features tracks from Tom Dicicco, Gohan and more. It is Tom Dicicco's track which we bring to you. Listen to 'Mango Mathematics' below: 

Buy the release HERE

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