Premiere: Toke – Running Over

Saturn return web mock up

Rinse and Fabric resident Anna Wall powers up her The Bricks imprint for a various artists EP.

The stars glittered brightly in the sky, creating a beautiful blanket of twinkling lights. On a clear night like tonight it was easy to imagine life out there somewhere; an alternate universe lightyears away that are looking up at the sky, just like we are down here on earth. It made you feel like somewhat insignificant amidst the vast expanse, a reminder that somewhere out there, there could be something bigger than you…


After taking a two-year hiatus to focus on her new ambient-indebted label Dream Theory, Fabric resident Anna Wall powers up her The Bricks imprint again for a various artists compilation. Having previously shared seven solo artist EPs, this marks the first time she’s enlisted several artists to contribute to a release, which is a sonic journey into the cosmos. There’s music from Swag Records affiliate Len Lewis, Tbilisi’s Toke, Uruguay-based producer Two Phase U and of course Anna herself, which spans different musical touch points from dubby acid to heavy breaks and twinkling melodic electro.


Bricks 008 will be available in the UK and EU in September.