Premiere: Thomas P. Heckmann – Spectral Emotion (October’s Return 2 the Jungle Mixx)


His temperament was hard to gauge, his stoic expression impossible to read. It were as though he wasn’t from this world; as if he’d been beamed down from a different time or place… Or perhaps he was just lost, unsure of the path he was going down or where he’d been before. His presence was ghostly almost; like he was a memory of a bygone era; a vision of the past.

After their last VA release that rallied together the likes of Richard Gamble, Kluentah and TV.OUT, London’s Sister Recordings welcome a figurehead of early German techno, EBM and industrial; Thomas P. Heckmann. Made up of two slamming cuts that cement Heckmann’s status as a master of the aforementioned sonics, the originals are backed up by two remixes from Bristol-based producer October and Scottish duo Clouds.