Premiere: The Utilities – Task One


Age Of Self return with a new collaborative project from Autarkic and Gladys Lazer.

The mission had been set; all the plans had been in place for months; all the locations scouted and confirmed. They’d been over and over the task in hand to make sure nothing went wrong on the day, but there would always be a chance they’d fail. The repercussions of that happening weren’t worth thinking about, all their good work gone to waste in the blink of an eye… Tension gripped the room as they awaited the signal; once it came there’d be no turning back.


Age of Self, the Tel Aviv-based imprint run by Autarkic and Neil Cohen, follows last year’s EP from Tamir Hassan with another instalment featuring one of the label bosses. This time round Autarkic teams up with globe-trotting producer Gladys Lazer, the project of fellow Tel Aviv producer and drummer Gal Lazer. On the pair’s new EP, Task One, they match sharp metallic textures and tripped out sounds with intricate, and at times frenetic, drum patterns.