Premiere: Roman Flügel & Frank Wiedemann – Karmadonut

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Roman Flügel & Frank Wiedemann collaborate on a new track celebrating fifteen years of Drumpoet Community.

There was a strange sickly sweet taste upon his tongue, he’d felt it before. It was the bitter taste of regret, a karmadonut if you will.

He hadn’t imagined it might end like this, in tatters and ruins. However, it was everything that he deserved and he couldn’t help but let out a wry smile thinking about each and every little bit of wrong he’d done across his long and desperate life. If only all those people could see him now, see what he’d become and where he’d end up. Perhaps they too would then let out the same discerning smile as if to say…

“I told you so…”


Drumpoet Community are celebrating a triumphant fifteen years of music with the release of a new compilation of tracks in instalments. What better way than to kick things off than with two powerhouses of the German electronic music scene and legends in their own right?

Roman Flügel & Frank Wiedemann have collaborated to produce a track of supreme quality which is destined to soar and rise eagerly through clubs this summer. You know it.

Listen below and buy HERE.