Premiere: The NE-21 – Jack Isidore


His mind was never at rest; questions consistently plagued him and obsessive compulsions consumed him. Over the years, the difference between fact and opinion had become minute. Now he believed anything he read, passing on these chunks of knowledge as truth, and seemingly falling into a deeper chasm with every theory he ingested. Perhaps he knew too much, or maybe he knew nothing at all…

Hot on the heels of the release of PC World’s darkwave infused post-punk, She Lost Kontrol tee up their second record of the year — an 8-track outing from Italian duo The NE-21. Having first released on the label back in 2016, and following last year’s collaboration with Donato Dozzy under the guise of ‘Men With Secrets’, the pair return with In The Realm Of Electricity, a collection of tracks composed and recorded over an eight year period. The result is both dreamy and surreal, blending synth pop, minimal wave and metallic synths with sinister vocals that stretch from mumbled vocoder to arch talk-singing.