Premiere: The Emperor Machine – Moscow Not Safari (Warehouse Jam)


The air hung thick, laced with the smell of crumbling brick and hot sticky bodies. As the smoke ebbed and flowed through the crowd, all shapes became lost in the mist, only the odd flailing limb appearing from the darkness. The room was packed with barely any room to move, but dancers tried their best, clinging to the spaces they’d found on the dance floor. Here they’d remain until the lights came on and they were ushered out in to the cold morning…

Following the release of his Music Not Safari album on Skint Records earlier this year, DFA and Phantasy producer The Emperor Machine serves up one last batch of alternative versions, this time of the title track. Taking the same form as the previous singles, the release includes an Extended Mix, Version 54 and Warehouse Jam, all of which showcase his ability to take the same track into different unique and compelling directions.