Premiere: Tetsumasa – Jump (Foodman Remix)


Standing atop the cliff face he felt an overwhelming sense of dread, it pulsed through his very ore and left him chilled and cold. Strapped to his legs was a rope, it would support him as he plummeted from the heavens above downward towards the riverbed below. At least so he hoped… There were hundreds of people whispering and shouting in his ear, all told tall tales and promised him his safety. However, they weren't going to be the ones making the leap, making the jump. 

Tetsumasa is set to release a new EP on Saidan, an eclectic EP which sits somewhere between lo fi hip hop and downtempo electronics. The release has also been blessed with a rather special remix from Foodman, a producer of whom we are very much fans. 

Listen below:

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