Premiere: Teplice – Revival (Karen Gwyer Remix)

5 Minute Read

Deep electronica is paired with delicate vocal layers on a spellbinding remix.

It was time to get the band back together again for it had been far too long.

Soon enough they would return to the bright lights of the big city, the murky basement bars and the backstreets which had been their playground for ever so long.

Soon enough they would dance on stages to a wild uproar and a chaotic blur of miscellaneous faces and wild noise in small spaces.

Soon enough they would recall their childhood dreams of fame and fortune.

Some might call it a revival but for them it would be retribution.


Teplice is set to release an enticing new EP on Hot Concept, a delicate mixture of leftfield pop and electronics which makes for a magical listen. The record is rounded off by a hypnotic remix from none other than Karen Gwyer who whips ‘Revival’ into a frenzy of synths.

Listen below: