Premiere: Teniente Castillo – Stolen Accuracy


Roam Recordings celebrate their 100th release.

Life was full of twists and turns, highs and lows, opportunities and obstacles. From one day to the next new situations presented themselves, ones that could change the course of everything; for better or for worse. Sometimes you took a leap of faith, casting yourself into the unknown. At others you retreat, hoping for an easy ride. It was impossible to know what the future held, you had to just keep on going…


San Francisco’s Roam Recordings have come a long way since their first release 20 years ago. Back then a group of ravers were looking for parties across the US, Canada and Mexico which soon snowballed, under the guidance of producer Jason Peters, into a label which has housed artists from around the world operating in the realms of cosmic techno, disco, acid house, synth and psychedelia. It’s these sonics that make up their 100th release which brings together label family, affiliates and new faces, including Theus Mago, Zakmina, Kate Stein and Teniente Castillo, to showcase the past, present and future of the label.