Premiere: t-woc – Crazy Bronco


Wandering through the outback he was aware of his own bitter loneliness, there wasn’t much out here but for the occasional ramshackle old house and the desert sands. His only companion? A crazy ass bronco with a mind all of his own and a wild kick. The sun beamed down upon them both as they marched and trudged through the abyss in the hope of finding a beautiful mirage, a vision of a waterfall or the great rains. This was the only hope the pair had left in hell…

t-woc is a producer from Dublin, he has recorded a stellar six track record for Strangelove, a mixture of oddball bashment and dub with playful experimentation dotted throughout. Strangelove is a label of which we are very fond and this is the latest in their excellent pursuit to enlighten us all. 

Listen below: