Premiere: Sunju Hargun – Chale


Dusk was falling as they’d entered the space, ready to embrace everything that came their way. The pulsing sounds had absorbed them from the moment they set foot inside; what came after felt like a whirlwind, their memories becoming lost in a haze of sweaty bodies and enchanting rhythms. Bright light greeted them when they left, feeling as though they’d been chewed up and spat back out – yet it was nothing they wouldn’t relive over and over again.

Siamese Twins’ co-founder Sunju Hargun has been making moves over the last couple of years, both solo, as part of Mogambo and with the releases on his Bangkok-based imprint. After gracing the label a few times with the more downtempo side of his creations, Sunju makes his way to Taiwan’s 禁JIN for two tracks that are guaranteed to have you drifting up into the cosmos. Backed by two remixes from Barcelona’s Marc Pinol and Taipei’s own Initials B.B., Sunju’s originals are an ode to the sounds of classic trance and acid, with both set to light up dancefloors across the world.