Premiere: Stijn Sadée – Affetto (Gerd Janson Precious Hall Mix)


The tree grew tall and proud – who knew the sights it had witnessed across the years. Most days were but a breeze, there was little to observe but for the flying birds and the dreamy tropics which surrounded the tall branches and the deep green leaves. It was called 'Aftetto'… At least that was what it had been kindly named by the owner of the garden – he had planted it and watched it grow across the decades as he dreamed of life far away. The villa on the hillside was alone and quiet. The tree stood high. 

Stijn Sadee is set to release a new EP on Kitjen as he appears on the imprint for the first time. The label has been held in high acclaim featuring music by the likes of Suzanne Kraft, Fantastic Man and more. His appearance does not disappoint and comes with an extravagant Gerd Janson remix. Listen below: