Premiere: Steve Allman – Brainwave


Scrunched up scraps of paper littered the floor, scrawled with useless ideas and impulsive thoughts. He stared at the sheet in front of him, fiercely drumming his pen into the table. No matter how much coffee he drank or how many cigarettes he chain smoked, his mind was running on empty, every last train of thought had been zapped from his brain. He scanned the room, hoping something would catch his eye and spark some inspiration. The clock was ticking, he needed a brainwave fast…

South London producer and Scand resident Steve Allman celebrates his love of fast-paced Detroit and London electro on his debut EP for A-Future’s EON Records. As a core part of the city’s longest running electro night for ten years, Allman has shared the booth with artists like Andrea Parker, Detroit In Effect and The Advent, fine tuning his ear for pacey, sub-weighted productions. On Brainwave he delivers three original analogue bass-driven tracks that take in freaky synth patterns, heavy subs and haunting rave stabs.