Premiere: Sputnik One – Smart Lung


As he lay in the tall grass he looked upwards towards the heavens with a glazed expression. The clouds moved slowly and the wind howled in his ears as he struggled for breath. There was a splutter, a cough and a gasp. For a minute he wasn’t sure if he might ever catch the air again but his smart lung, the one which he had left was what kept him afloat, at least for a little while longer anyway. In the distance he could hear the sound of sirens as they raced towards him, he smiled and laughed beneath the sun. 

Sputnik One is set to release a new EP via First Second Label, an imprint upon which he has appeared previously. The new EP is perhaps his most accomplished work to date, an intriguing assortment of tracks with odd twinges here and there. 

Listen below:

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